Swimming After a Tattoo Removal

Nov 1, 2022 | Tattoo Removal

After tattoo removal, most people wonder how soon they can resume normal activities. Of course, you can do almost anything, but with swimming, there are a few concerns.

After your tattoo removal, you should wait three to four days before swimming. Swimming immediately after the tattoo removal is not recommended because the skin around the treated area is still recovering from the laser.

In addition, your skin will be sensitive to heat, sunlight, and infection. You should, however, ensure that you get your laser tattoo removal from a reputable clinic.

Winter Park Tattoo Removal uses Winter Park tattoo removal technology to eliminate all body ink. When you are ready to say goodbye to an unwanted tattoo and enjoy clear skin again, our highly-trained medical professionals will do a perfect job.

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What Else Should You Avoid?

As mentioned above, swimming after tattoo removal is a big no. You should avoid exposing the treated area to any water that can be too hot or dirty for the first few days after laser removal in Orlando. Stay away from moisture altogether, except for showers and baths.

Furthermore, avoid all pools, hot tubs, rivers, oceans, and lakes, as they may contain some infection-causing bacteria. For shower water after a laser tattoo removal in Florida, ensure the water is not too hot, and don’t allow your shower to beat directly on the treated area for long.

All of these will irritate the treated area.

In case you are in contact with dirty water, please relax. It’s not the end of the world. Just be sure to take quick action.

  1. Wash the area thoroughly using antibacterial soap.
  2. Rinse with clean water.
  3. Apply ointment and a bandage if needed.
  4. If you notice any signs of infection, contact Winter Park Tattoo Removal immediately. We shall help you.

Public pools and sand oceans are usually filled with all kinds of stuff; you just never know what to find. Avoid these bacteria-laden bodies of water as much as possible in the first few days after your laser tattoo removal process.

By doing this, you will have lowered your risk of contracting an infection on your skin while it’s still irritated. It might be challenging to resist a cool swim, especially in the hot summer, but this is the best option.

In the end, the results of your tattoo removal in Winter Park will be excellent.


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