Getting a Tattoo vs. Tattoo Removal: Which Hurt The Most?

Sep 1, 2022 | Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo is an exciting and painful experience, yet most people will cross whatever bridge to get one for its beauty and aesthetic. On the other hand, removing a perfectly done tattoo can seem challenging and also really painful. However, in both processes, pain is involved, but the intensity and levels of the pain are different. In removing a tattoo, you may search for the best laser tattoo removal company to do the job efficiently. In all, let’s make a comparison to know which hurts more, getting a tattoo vs. tattoo removal.

Getting a Tattoo Done Versus Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo involves piercing the skin with a pigmented needle. That being said, from how it sounds, it is undoubtedly a painful process, though people will experience different pain levels due to the unique pain-tolerance level of an individual. In addition, the pain a person feels depends mainly on the skin area. For example, getting a tattoo on the forearms, shoulders, feet, and thighs is usually less painful than getting ink on the ribs, spines, fingers, and armpits due to the bones present under the skin in such areas.

On the contrary, using a 2-joule laser removal for your tattoo removal can minimize the pain and discomfort you will feel during the process. Maximum speed and energy must be invested in the ink removal process to crack the ink quickly and prevent skin damage like skin whitening. The more reliable and powerful the tattoo removal techniques adopted by your nearby tattoo removal shop, the less pain you will feel.

What Does a Laser Removal in Orlando Look Like?

The more ink treatment you go for, the more pain you will feel. Hence, choosing good experts is essential. For instance, Winter Park Tattoo Removal uses medically supervised laser tattoo removal techniques which is twice the energy of other tattoo equipment available, ensuring the efficiency and swiftness of the process. In addition, as part of our recommendations, getting a PFD patch is essential to reduce any laser-induced skin whitening. Hence, using our services will give you zero cause for worry.

The PFD patch tattoo removal is excellent for avoiding laser frost. More so, if you’re wondering about laser tattoo removal costs in Orlando, the prices are affordable and it is worth the process.

Conclusively, the pain in getting a tattoo vs. tattoo removal varies and is a distinctive experience for all. However, contacting experts in the field will greatly benefit you when getting the procedure done.

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You can enjoy a swift and safe tattoo removal process at Winter Park Tattoo Removal. Our team uses the latest technologies and offers practical medical recommendations that assist in your skin-healing process. Hence, if you want your skin back to its normal state, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with us for a free evaluation and consultation.

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