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One of the advanced techniques we utilize in our clinic is laser tattoo removal combined with the PFD Describe patch (perfluorodecalin patch) from Merz Cosmetics. Each PFD patch contains a compound known as perfluorodecalin (PFD), which plays a crucial role in the tattoo removal process. 

The patch itself is made from silicone, which serves as a heat-absorbing material, safeguarding your skin from potential thermal injury during the laser tattoo removal process.

PFD helps to dissolve gasses and allow oxygen into the skin, minimizing the laser-induced hypopigmentation which is an effect that can occur during treatment. Multiple passes with the laser can be performed, effectively speeding up your tattoo removal process by allowing you to come every 4 weeks, instead of every 6 weeks!

Benefits of Using a PFD Patch:

  • Accelerates Removal Process:

    The PFD patch dramatically reduces laser-induced hypopigmentation  of the skin, allowing for multiple passes with the laser during each session. This speeds up the tattoo removal process, reducing the overall number of treatments required.

  • Enhanced Efficiency:

    By dissolving gasses and allowing oxygen into the skin, the PFD patch enhances the laser’s efficiency. This means that each laser treatment can target the tattoo more effectively, improving the chances of successful removal.

  • Minimizes Skin Hypopigmentation :

    Laser tattoo removal can sometimes cause temporary hypopigmentation of the skin. The PFD patch helps minimize this hypopigmentation effect, making the treatment more comfortable and reducing the visual impact during the removal process.

  • Heat Absorption:

    The silicone material of the PFD patch acts as a heat-absorbing barrier, protecting the skin from potential thermal injury during laser tattoo removal sessions. This ensures a safer and more controlled treatment experience.

  • Enhanced Patient Comfort:

    With the PFD patch, patients can benefit from enhanced comfort during laser tattoo removal. The patch helps reduce discomfort, making the overall process more tolerable for individuals undergoing tattoo removal treatments.

Describe PFD Patch logo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Exactly is the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch?

The DESCRIBE Patch is a square piece of silicone infused with perfluorodecalin (PFD), which is an entirely inert and harmless liquid. This unique composition enables your doctor to perform multiple laser treatments on your tattoo during a single session.

In fact, the Patch allows for up to four times as many laser passes per visit compared to traditional treatments. The PFD patch also enhances the laser’s ability to reach ink particles deep within the skin, making it especially advantageous for older tattoos.

Does Using the Patch Hurt?

While the Patch itself is painless, laser tattoo removal procedures can sometimes be uncomfortable. However, when patients choose to use the Patch, they typically experience reduced discomfort during the treatment and less post-treatment redness and swelling. This translates to a more comfortable overall experience for those who decide to utilize the Patch.

Why Should I use the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch?
  • A tattoo may clear more rapidly when the Patch is employed alongside laser treatment compared to without it. This efficiency is attributed to the Patch allowing for more laser passes, potentially reducing the number of office visits required and saving you valuable time.
  • The Patch serves as a barrier, absorbing laser energy that might otherwise harm your skin. This protective function enhances safety during the procedure.
  • Patients tend to experience reduced pain, as well as less redness and swelling following treatment with the Patch. This decreased discomfort may potentially enable you to schedule your next treatment session sooner, fostering a smoother overall process.
Does the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch Cause Side Effects?

Utilizing the DESCRIBE PFD Patch does not modify the possible adverse events compared to those encountered when using lasers alone. These potential adverse events encompass redness, swelling, pigmentary alterations, infection, scab formation, scarring, crusting, bruising, itching, flaking, or blistering.

How Much Does the PFD Patch Cost?

The cost of the PFD Patch can vary depending on factors such as the size of the tattoo and the number of treatments required. To get an accurate and personalized cost estimate for your tattoo removal with the PFD Patch, contact us for a quote. It is generally not very expensive, and less than they typical cost of going out for dinner for two.

Take Advantage of the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch


Speed up the tattoo removal process by taking advantage of the DESCRIBE® PFD patch at Winter Park Tattoo Removal. We recommend that you use these patches along with our laser treatments to speed up recovery, reduce discomfort, and decrease the amount of overall sessions needed.

With Q-switched laser tattoo removal, each pass of the laser can cause epidermal whitening, also known as laser frost. This laser frost effect prevents light from entering the skin, significantly reducing the impact of multiple passes. However, by using the PFD patch, our team will be able to safely perform multipass treatments.

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