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Sometimes Life Has a Reset Button

Laser Tattoo Removal in Winter Park, FL

Start Over with Our Laser Tattoo Removal in Winter Park, FL

Welcome to Winter Park Tattoo Removal. Sometimes life has a reset button, and if you are ready to say goodbye to ink and blemishes to enjoy clear skin again, our powerful laser tattoo removal in Winter Park, FL is the solution for you. Our staff of highly trained medical professionals uses state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation and laser technologies. Schedule your free consultation with us today if you are ready to get started on a safe tattoo or blemish removal procedure performed by our licensed, board-certified physicians.

 At our relaxed, clean facility, you receive comfortable laser removal treatment. Don’t let yourself suffer from needless self-consciousness when you can eliminate unwanted tattoos and skin blemishes safely and effectively. We understand that you may have outgrown that tattoo that you swore was a great idea when you were a teenager. Our services allow you to restore your confidence quickly through our innovative laser procedure. 

Cutting-Edge Tattoo and Skin Blemish Removal

 Our physicians achieve amazing results with the 2-joule laser from Focus Medical’s highly effective NaturaLase QS system. With this equipment, we permanently eliminate unwanted body art and skin discolorations. The system is one of the highest-energy pieces of skin rejuvenation equipment in the world; it gets fast results safely and with relatively little discomfort. We are happy to consult with you about your candidacy for this powerful skin-clearing procedure.

 Potent Solutions for Clearer Skin

 We offer blemish and tattoo removal packages that utilize today’s most advanced breakthroughs in skin therapy. As part of your recommended course of treatment, we may suggest the DESCRIBE® PFD Patch, an efficient aid to tattoo removal that’s only available only through licensed physicians. This patch allows for reduced side effects and faster healing between laser treatments. Faster healing means that the overall removal process requires less time to complete. Plus, the patch protects from potential laser-generated airborne contaminants and prevents thermal injury to the epidermis. With the patch, each treatment session can have up to four times as many passes from the laser, allowing for a more effective procedure.

Tattoo Removal


Faster resolution of laser-induced whitening. Fast healing means less time between office visits. Majority of patients showed more rapid clearance of treated tattoos.
When 10 or more visits to a doctor’s office can be required, and with wait times of 4 to 6 weeks in between treatment sessions, a completed tattoo removal can take over a year. Plus, laser removal can cause swelling, redness, and pain, which may influence some patients’ decisions to abandon their treatments altogether.
Now there’s a new way. The DESCRIBE® Patch is a fast, safe and effective option that’s redefining the art of tattoo removal.


As a physical barrier, the Patch may protect both you and your patients from potential laser-generated airborne contaminants.

Protects the epidermis from thermal injury by allowing heat absorption by the silicone patch.

Tattoo Removal


The Patch allows up to 4x as many passes in each treatment session versus without the Patch.

Allows higher laser fluence for targeting more stubborn ink.

Reduces light scattering which allows for deeper penetration.


The DESCRIBE® PFD Patch is available only through licensed physicians.

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About Us

Our practice, an affiliate of Wymore Laser, offers the latest in cutting-edge, safe, and nonsurgical tattoo removal. We are a medically supervised satellite facility of Dr. Loakhnauth Ramkishun, M.D., a leading physician in our area.

 We strive to give our clients the results they desire in a warm and inviting environment. Our staff of professionally trained personnel prides themselves on quality and compassionate care, and our awards are a testament to this. Dr. Filardo was voted “Best in Winter Park” in 2013 by The Ovation Awards, held by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce, Park Avenue Merchants Association, residents of Winter Park, and the readers of the Winter Park Observer. We thank you for all your support in allowing us to keep our clients our first priority.

 Contact us to schedule your appointment for laser tattoo or blemish removal today. We serve clients at our office in Winter Park, Florida.

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Thank you for your interest in our laser tattoo removal in Winter Park, Florida. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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