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Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After

Most people don’t realize just how permanent a tattoo can be. However, if you find yourself regretting a previous life decision, Winter Park Laser Tattoo Removal can help. After having a picture or a design permanently etched onto your skin, it might be difficult to alter your mind, but laser tattoo removal can assist.

Winter Park Tattoo Removal works with a variety of clients and has been in the business since 2010. Our staff is well-trained and experienced, so you’ll receive the best possible treatment plan. We offer customized pricing and flexible appointment times, so you can accommodate your busy schedule.

Laser tattoo removal before and after pictures are an excellent way to gain confidence about the entire procedure. It’s important to note that every tattoo is unique; results will vary from person to person. Still, you’ll get a good idea of how effective laser tattoo removal can be, especially when you see the results after two or three treatments.

How the Laser Tattoo Removal Process Works.

Laser tattoo removal works by targeting dark ink with a high-intensity light beam. The laser passes through the upper layer of the skin without harming it and reaches the darker ink beneath the surface. The ink absorbs the laser’s energy, which heats up and vaporizes into a gas. The body then naturally gets rid of this gas through breathing, sweating, and urination. Additional sessions may be needed to remove a tattoo altogether, although some tattoos may fade over time as well.

While laser tattoo removal can be effective, it is not guaranteed that you will get rid of your entire tattoo or that no scarring will occur. Additionally, laser removal can cause burns, discoloration, and indentations in the skin if proper care is not taken before, during, and after the treatment.

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What Do I Need to Do Before Undergoing Laser Tattoo Removal?

Before you undergo laser tattoo removal, here are some things to keep in mind:

Research. Ask a dermatologist about your tattoo. Is there any color you can’t get rid of? (Black is the easiest color to remove.) Are you prone to keloids? (If so, consider going with a different laser procedure). 

Before undergoing laser tattoo removal, make sure you’re healthy enough to withstand the procedure. People who have heart disease or internal bleeding and people who have undergone organ transplants should not undergo this type of treatment.

Laser type. Not all lasers are created equal. You want one that produces an emission wavelength of 1064 nanometers to 1320 nanometers. This helps break up ink pigments into tiny particles that the body can absorb easier and faster.

Location. Lasers work best on areas with more blood flow, such as forearms, shoulders, and chests. But if you’re doing this for cosmetic reasons and want it on another part of your body, feel free to do so.

Pain factor. Every person’s pain threshold is different, but laser tattoo removal does not hurt more than waxing or tweezing. Some patients will feel pinpricks and stinging for about a minute after the laser is applied because the tattooed area is being heated up.


What Happens After the Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment?

In the days after your tattoo removal treatment, you may notice that your skin is red and that the tattooed area feels slightly tender. This is normal.

Tattoo removal aftercare varies by laser type and the color of your tattoo. Your dermatologist will tell you how to care for your skin before and after treatments.

Treatments can be uncomfortable, but there’s nothing you can do to ease the pain except to apply cold compresses to the treated area (not directly on the skin) before and after each session. It may also help to take an over-the-counter pain reliever 30 minutes before your session. Be sure to talk with your dermatologist first about what’s best for you.

Although everyone’s different, expect three or four treatments over 12 weeks for black ink, eight weeks for green ink, and 16 weeks for blue ink. The number of treatments needed depends on the size and color of the tattoo and your body’s response to treatment. Talk with us on laser tattoo removal before & after for guidance.

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