What To Expect During A Laser Tattoo Removal

Jan 7, 2022 | Tattoo Removal

About a third of Americans have a tattoo, with 25% indicating unhappiness over that decision. Tattoo removal in Winter Park is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos from your body. Their skilled doctors use state-of-the-art technology to help rid you of that tattoo you no longer like and help restore your skin’s natural look. They offer various laser tattoo removal options that can help you enjoy smooth, clear skin again.

Get A Fresh Start With Laser Tattoo Removal

It is possible to erase and remove your tattoos with the most advanced laser removal treatments. This method is less painful, affordable, and faster than traditional methods. Laser tattoo removal in Orlando can help you remove a tattoo that has become an unpleasant memory.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo removal using laser technology is becoming a popular alternative to traditional tattoo removals methods such as dermabrasion or scabbing. During a typical laser tattoo removal appointment, the cosmetic dermatologist at any tattoo removal in Orlando will use a hand-held device that emits highly concentrated light beams over your skin and break up the tattoo’s pigment. This procedure is repeated in several stages and may take a few months to complete, depending on the tattoo’s size, color, and location. Your body will flush out the ink, and it will eventually fade away.

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The color of your skin and the location of the tattoo are also essential factors that determine which treatment is best for you. During the consultation, your cosmetic dermatologist will examine your tattoo and assess your overall health before recommending one of the several different treatment options.

Specialized Care

An experienced cosmetic dermatologist performs tattoo removal in Orlando and has specialized training for this procedure. The professional will remove your unwanted tattoo without damaging surrounding skin tissue or leaving unsightly scarring. You need to moisturize your skin before and after each treatment.

Side Effects And Pain

Laser tattoo removal is safer than other tattoo removal methods since the laser beams only target the pigment. You will notice some redness and swelling around the area after your treatment which should go away in 7-14 days. Tattoo removal is not typically painful, but you may feel some discomfort from the pulse from the laser beam as it blasts through your skin and breaks down the tattoo pigment. During tattoo removal in Winter Park, you may also experience discomfort, scabbing, swelling, and blistering.

How Long Does It Take?

Because lasers can target specific ink colors, tattoos are removed in stages, depending on the colors used or how big the tattoo is. Laser treatment can remove the average tattoo in five to ten sessions or more. Treatments are spaced, and each treatment could last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Factors like your skin type and how thick or dense the tattoo determine how long it takes to fade a tattoo altogether.

Remove Your Unwanted Body Inks Today

Once considered permanent and irreversible, tattoos can now be removed by laser treatment. Tattoo removal by Winter Park gives a sense of freedom and the ability to remove those tattoos you regret. With laser tattoo removal, you will also benefit from a safe and effective treatment. The process is relatively painless and can be performed in several sessions.

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