Different Ways Sun Exposure Can Affect Tattoo Removal

Oct 18, 2021 | Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal by laser can be considered the safest and most efficient method of removing ink from the skin. The procedure may not have been as effective in the past. Today’s procedure is far more effective, allowing you to get rid of tattoos you regret acquiring or simply return to a clean slate. Aspects such as skin tone and ink quality, as well as the size, length of time the tattoo has been on an individual’s skin, and where the tattoo is located on the body, may all influence the success of your tattoo removal.

However, you might be shocked to learn that sun exposure is another element that can affect the outcome of laser tattoo removal. Sun tanning, as well as ultraviolet radiation and exposure to both, are vital to understanding, even with today’s most cutting-edge technologies.

UV Rays Affecting Tattoo Removal

One of the most excellent ways to spend a day is to lie in the sun. We’re all looking for that healthy glow. The sun boosts the body’s production of Vitamin D and Melanin. Vitamin D is often termed as the “sunshine vitamin.” It has a crucial function in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, strengthening the immune system, and raising metabolism, to name a few.

Melanin is the pigment that absorbs the sun’s energy, which is why our skin turns brown.


The body’s increased synthesis of melanin leads you to tan or burn. As a result, your skin may not be as receptive when it comes time to remove or fade the tattoo. As a result, the laser light has a more challenging time fragmenting the tattoo ink beneath the skin’s surface. The skin should have a tone that is as near to that of the natural skin as possible. This gives the best chance of eradicating your tattoos with the fewest sessions possible. The more than you have, the more treatments you’ll need to get the tattoo removed. In this way, the sun affecting tattoo removal results and its impact on the skin are enormous.

Should I get a Laser Removal Procedure After Sunbathing for Longer Periods?

No. It is imperative to wait for at least six weeks before undergoing laser tattoo removal procedures. Your skin tone should be lighter for the treatment to be more effective. If you wait until your skin has returned to its original tone, you might receive the best effects. Suppose you decide to go ahead with the treatment nevertheless and have a dark skin tone. In that case, you may require additional sessions to achieve the results you desire.

If I Have A Tan, Why Won’t The Tattoo Removal Technique Work?

When melanin cells shift closer to the skin’s surface and produce less melanin, or when you quit tanning, and your tan fades, other treatments may be more successful. Your tan may appear darker if you have a higher level of melanin in your skin. As a result, the laser tattoo removal process may be more difficult to complete since the skin’s pigment may be more difficult to break up.

Even while professional laser tattoo removal professionals utilize the most up-to-date technology to remove tattoos, which may take four or more sessions to achieve the best results, if your skin is tanned, the laser may be unable to fade the tattoo ink immediately.

After A Tattoo Laser Removal Session, How Long Should I Avoid Direct Sunlight And Other Tanning Solutions?

Before going out in direct sunlight, visiting tanning salons, or using other tanning solutions, it is better to wait at least one month after your treatment. Finally, you would not want to return for more treatments just a few days following your original session. If you walk out into the sun too early, even for a few days, this could happen.

Exposure to the sun raises melanin levels, resulting in tanning and blistering. If you become sunburned because of blisters or damaged skin during the laser tattoo removal process, it will be uncomfortable and perhaps scarring. As a result, the ink removal process may take longer overall.

It won’t be long before you can sit in the sun all day and show off your tanned body to all your friends and family if you take all the essential precautions when getting laser tattoo removal.

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