Can You Be In The Sun After Laser Tattoo Removal In Summer?

Mar 1, 2022 | Tattoo Removal

As a means of enhancing a person’s sense of self-worth, individuality, and connection to the community, skin markings have become increasingly popular. At least one tattoo can be found in the majority of adults.

For various reasons, a different segment of that population tries to remove the markings. For those who want to get rid of their tattoos, laser tattoo removal in Winter Park, Florida, remains a viable option.


Why do you need a PDF patch for laser tattoo removal in the summer?

It is common for tattoo removal to involve chemical destruction, dermabrasion, and surgical excision. You do not have to be worried about scarring or hypopigmentation, thanks to selective photo thermolysis, which has been around for some time now.

However, despite these potential advantages, it is difficult to determine how many treatments are required to achieve complete eradication. Additionally, whitening can occur. When the laser travels over the skin, gas bubbles form in the epidermis as cells rupture, causing the same reaction.

Treatments are pushed back twenty minutes since professionals and consumers must wait twenty minutes for the whitening to subside before proceeding. This means that a four-pass treatment session will take sixty minutes to complete. Most patients struggle with the tattoo removal aftercare process like abandoning therapy due to time and other drawbacks, making it difficult to get rid of the ink. The PDF patch, on the other hand, is just what the doctor ordered.


Winter Park, Colorado’s PDF Patch

When the PDF patch is used in laser tattoo removal in the summer, the results are safer, more successful, and, most significantly, faster.

PDF reduces optical scattering and reflection in the skin while increasing tissue transparency from the UV to the far-infrared ranges. Pre-and post-laser topical application of PDF reduces whitened gas bubble production and so allows for further laser passes in seconds.

Additionally, it aids in the titration of the amount of energy provided to a specific area by allowing for deeper penetration into the skin (tolerated fluence). As a result, the ink particles are supplied with more energy.

Moreover, the patch protects the epidermis by dissipating heat away from it. This greatly reduces the damage to the skin and its negative effects. By using a physical barrier, both the doctor and the patient are protected from tissue spatter and airborne hazardous compounds from the laser.

Lastly, PDF allows for four times as many passes as in a single session, allowing patients to finish their treatments thanks to the PDF’s reduced discomfort and fewer therapy sessions.



PDF patch is a must-have accessory for laser tattoo removal in Winter Park, Florida. For example, it allows for four times as many passes, eliminates optical scattering, and is able to monitor tissue spatter and dangerous compounds.

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