Tattoo Removal Cream Vs. Laser Tattoo Removal: Which Is Better?

Jun 1, 2022 | Tattoo Removal

In a contest between a tattoo removal cream vs. laser tattoo removal, it all comes down to several factors such as cost, discomfort, and the process of tattoo removal itself.

If you have a tattoo you can no longer stand and are confused about the way to remove it, here is a guide to help you choose:

Tattoo Removal Cream Vs. Laser Tattoo Removal

Here are some key differences to help you choose a suitable tattoo removal option:


Laser tattoo removal in Orlando costs upwards of $75 per session. Depending on your skin type, tattoo size, ink color, and type. Therefore, you might have to go in for two or more sessions if you have a big, deeply colored tattoo.

On the other hand, tattoo removal creams are quite affordable compared to laser treatment. However, the period or amount you will have to use the cream to remove the tattoo can vary, causing you to use many bottles of creams before noticing the results.

How They Work

Laser tattoo removal in Orlando works by emitting light pulses into the skin with the tattoo. The light causes a breakdown of the ink, which the body then flushes out completely.

Tattoo removal creams lighten the area with the tattoo, causing it to appear faded. You buy a tube of cream and start applying it on the site with the tattoo and wait for the results. It, however, doesn’t go deeper into the skin to break down the tattoo ink in the dermis.


Laser tattoo removal in Winter Park, FL, is far more effective than creams. Laser lights can penetrate the deeper layer of the skin where the ink is packed, something tattoo removal creams cannot do.

Most people record full tattoo removal after laser treatment and only partial fading with creams.

Risks And Side Effects

In terms of risks and side effects, it all varies with the product. However, laser tattoo removal in Winter Park, Fl, exhibits fewer side effects because a professional monitors your progress with every session.

With creams, the side effects vary from cream to cream. Some creams can permanently bleach your skin, especially if you are darker-toned, causing scarring and burns.

The side effects can also get dangerous because you do not have a professional guiding you on what’s normal and what’s not. Laser tattoo removal in Orlando can be risky only if done by an unlicensed technician or on a pregnant woman.

Care And Precautions

Laser tattoo removal aftercare involves taking precautions such as staying hydrated, minimal contact with water for a long time, no touching, shaving, or scrubbing the treated area, minimal strain, and sun exposure.

Creams do not require any aftercare procedures since they are a continuous treatment, whereby you stop when you are satisfied with the results.

The Winner

Laser tattoo removal in Orlando is the best option if you are looking for an effective and fast option. It is faster, safer, and guarantees positive results.

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