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Why You Should Avoid Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Why You Should Avoid Non Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are thoroughly tired of seeing your old tattoo and want to get rid of it fast, you may be tempted to look into non-laser tattoo removal. There are multiple options in this category, although many of them are not founded or sound in properly removing tattoos like laser removal options. Selecting a trained and experienced laser tattoo removal professional is always the clear winner no matter how much you want to get rid of your tattoo. Winter Park Tattoo Removal in Orlando, Florida, knows how important it is to remove your unwanted ink in a safe and precise manner, giving you the results you truly desire.

Before The Laser

What was once the norm before laser removal technology was dermabrasion tattoo removal. This process involved using a wire brush or other devices to basically scrape away skin, layer by layer. This very painful process would of course involve scarring, skin discoloration and the potential for infection. A similar process to dermabrasion is salabrasion. Salabrasion uses salt and water instead of scraping like with dermabrasion. Using the water and salt, it’s rubbed onto the skin to peel away the top layers, and is a multi-step process that’s needed at least a few times to provide results. Salabrasion is also highly painful, creating permanent scarring and potential infections if the skin is not treated properly during or after the process. Cryosurgery, or surgical excision, is when a doctor will cut out layers of the skin to remove the tattoo. Potential side effects of this treatment include scarring, discoloration and complications with the surgical procedure itself. 

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

With many varied types of non-laser removal options, they may seem like an easy option to start seeing results, but are oftentimes undocumented in actually removing any tattoos, and come with nasty side effects. Even tattoo removal creams, for instance, tout that they will dissolve a tattoo slowly with it’s ingredients. What many people experience, though, is no change in their tattoo but burning, itching, scabbing and skin irritations can follow, and could even cause infections. There are even acid tattoo removals, which is meant to cause skin irritation. The options can range from acid peels to injections, but are highly dangerous, causing serious burns, scarring, discoloration and infection. Many medical professionals strongly advise against these methods. 

Trust The Laser

About 25% of people with a tattoo regret having it, leading to a lot of laser and non-laser approaches available to people who simply want it gone, and fast. Although non-laser removal services tout that they are faster, this also comes with warnings if you’re paying attention. Sometimes to get things done right, you need patience and time, and this can’t be truer than when it comes to tattoo removal. Laser removal may take longer, but is well worth the wait. Depending on the size of the tattoo and how deep it is in your skin, you may need multiple treatments to get the results you want. And multiple treatments will typically be spaced about three months apart, to give your skin the proper amount of time to heal between sessions. And no matter what option you do end up going with, ensure you are seeking assistance from a reputable physician or doctor, who will most likely have the most high tech laser available to give you the best experience. 

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