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Misconceptions About Laser Tattoo Removals

Misconceptions About Laser Tattoo Removals

Are you embarrassed by an old tattoo of your younger years? Have you searched for “tattoo removal near me” in the hopes of getting it removed, only to stop short? Many Americans struggle with past tattoos and will think about laser tattoo removals, but often don’t go through with it due to misconceptions about the process. Here at Winter Park Tattoo Removal, we offer the latest in cutting-edge, non-surgical tattoo removal in Orlando.

Common Confusions

Although it seems all too easy to get the tattoo done itself, it often seems overwhelming getting the tattoo removed if you don’t like it. Getting a tattoo can be a fast, oftentimes not thoroughly researched activity, and you can be left with something that you either outgrew or really wasn’t a part of your style to begin with. There are some tattoo artists out there who lack the skills to accomplish the look you want as well, leaving less of a masterpiece than you envisioned. Whatever the case, seeking to get the tattoo removed can seem daunting, and not knowing what to expect during the procedure can put a lot of people off from doing it. But believing all the misconceptions out there won’t help you in the long run, which is why we’ve put together a few of the biggest confusions around the removal process to put your mind at ease and help you to better understand what happens.

Laser Tattoo Removals

One of the larger misconceptions out there is the speediness in which the tattoo is removed. Yes, the procedure can be quick, but a lot of that depends on your specific tattoo. The tattoo age, color, density, depth, location, and how your body responds to the laser removal process in general will all be indicators of how long the process will take, and what kind of results you will have. Every procedure is going to be different for every person, and even every tattoo, so remember to stay positive and patient during the process, as it may require multiple procedures to attain the look you want. Just like with getting a tattoo, having it removed is going to involve some level of pain. Some people barely flinch when getting a tattoo, while others can barely stand the experience. Every person and body is different, and depending on the location of your tattoo and how dense the ink is, the process will most likely not be pain-free for you. If you are concerned about the pain levels during the removal, talk to your laser tattoo professional about the steps they can take to make the pain as manageable as possible during the experience.

Tattoo Removal Near Me

Using only the most high tech laser removal equipment will be a key factor in your procedure as well. Many tattoo removal clinics will boast this fact, but not every clinic will actually have the best and brightest in their removal technology. Simply searching for “tattoo removal near me” and selecting the first clinic that pops up is not doing your homework properly. Make sure to look into a few clinics and see what they are specifically using to remove tattoos, and that they are trained and certified to do so. 

Also, don’t skip out on any post-care treatments, as this is just as crucial as any other step in the tattoo removal process. Some of the steps may be as simple as avoiding direct sunlight or staying hydrated, but just because these steps are simple, doesn’t mean they should be slackened or not paid attention to. Following these steps are imperative in helping your body to fully recover, and can greatly affect the healing process. After spending the time and money to get the tattoo removed, the aftercare instructions are just as important, so make sure you understand the instructions and ask questions or clarify when needed so you can give your skin the best healing process it can receive.

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Now that you’re equipped with a better understanding of laser tattoo removal, are you ready to take the plunge and get rid of that irksome tattoo once and for all? Winter Park Tattoo Removal in Orlando can assist you. We provide a fast and relatively painless experience in helping you achieve the tattoo-free skin of your dreams. Call us today!